NEW BOOK: Open The Healing Door: How To Recover From Sexual Abuse And Live A Happy Healthy Life by Emike Oyemade

open-door-emike-bini-1000x625I felt something forcing to thrust between my thighs. I immediately awoke but he had over-powered me. He was huge and his weight pressed on my body, I could only move my head, screaming “no, stop!”, “Mama help me.” I called out for my other sisters who I was sure also slept in same room. He thrust deep and deep until I felt I was dying. It was more than painful; I was dying. I died. He was quick. He got up off me, took his wrapper from the floor and strolled to the door. “Go to sleep” he said as he disappeared through the door mumbling to someone in the hallway.
It was papa.

As severe as the hurt from child sexual abuse could be, healing from it is a choice. Open The Healing Door, encourages victims to make the decision and open up for God’s transformation healing. The book offers a guide to freedom, hope and a direction for anyone who was sexually abused as a child. Beyond that, the book encourages survivors to live a healthy happy life.
No matter how ‘cruel’ the abuse was or how long it has been, healing is possible. You can be who you were created to be.

Go here to get your copy:


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